Touched By The Moment  -                       Distinctive Heartfelt Cceremonies
Your wedding day will be one of the most joyous days of your life!  This will be a time filled with decisions. You will need to choose a dress, the flowers and the location for your reception.You will spend countless hours selecting the lucky names of the guests that will make your invitation list. Will your bridal party be large or a small intimate one?
What about your ceremony? Have you started to think about the way you will
say " I Do"?  Did you know that you can personalize your wedding ceremony?  
Imagine your ceremony being as unique as your relationship! As your officiant, I will design a customized wedding ceremony that will reflect your feelings, beliefs and personality.
Don't settle for just another ordinary ceremony, have your guests be "Touched By The Moment" and leave them talking about your ceremony for years to come. 
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